Print Design & Campaigning

Telekom Austria


On behalf of Seso Media Gmbh

All projects above are a collection of my favourite works that I did for Seso Media GmbH. Most of them started as pitches so you can imagine what intensive but exciting time we had. I was responsible for the (visual) concept, main graphic design & execution. I really loved the challenges and I always tried to push further to create something new, but to stay within the brand limits.

Bringing the eco awareness campaign to life was wonderful as well as challenging. From wall-brandings, online tracker, to funny quote stickers and my special eco-friendly-multipurpose-box that I invented just for them, creating all those things made me really happy (and a bit proud). I enjoyed the challenge of working on a big scale and knowing that most of my designs are being used by all A1 and Telekom Group Austria offices central Europe wide.