Political Campaign



One of my main intentions behind this campaign was that I wanted to give politics a face again. Rather than just slapping around with depressing facts on beautiful pictures (like what every other party just did around that time) i wanted to show the positivity and motivation of the Mit:Uns.

The Mit:Uns was (at that time) a new founded independent party by a group of known ambitious locals & artist from Wolkersdorf (a beautiful town just outside Vienna). While the campaign happened over a couple of weeks and in various phases, the planing had to happen in a very short time. As kick of, we covered the whole city in the faces of the Mit:Uns, without any text or further information at first. This created a very unique “entrance” for the Mit:uns in the public eye as well as media and was followed by multiple intervention in the city. Although it seemed unlikely to win from the beginning, the new and just a couple of weeks old party managed to get 6 mandates in office from 0 and got 18% of the votes!!!